Eco-Swimming Pools

Solar heated pools at great prices in Penryn

Do you want to install a solar heating system for your swimming pool at an affordable price? You have come to the right place. At Webster Pools and Spas, we offer various types of solar panels and collectors, which are economically priced and suitable for all types of swimming pools.


In this day and age, it is vital to protect your investment by ensuring your pool is as eco-friendly as possible. We are all becoming more eco-aware and aware of the changes to our environment and climate. There are many ways of making our pools more eco-friendly:
pool insulation


Until a few years ago, we were under the impression from the pool suppliers that up to 60% of heat loss was up on a pool, and once you fit a good cover, this was all you can do. But we now know that once the pool heat is stopped from going up, it finds other ways out and the cold concrete walls and floor were drawing the heat out very quickly. The solution is a simple one - insulating the walls and floor. It is most effective on liner pools as the 75-mm high-density insulation can be installed directly behind the liner, and on tile pools, it can be installed on the outside of the concrete structure; this is not as effective but still very effective.
air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps

Heat pumps have the lowest running cost of all pool heating methods and are measured using COP (coefficient of performance). For every £1 you spend, up to £6 of heat will go into your pool. This is increasing your efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.
thermal blanket

Thermal blanket

A thermal blanket will recoup its purchase price in a very short time, cutting energy losses by up to 50%, and helping to extend your pool season. About 60% of heat losses are by evaporation. At night, an uncovered pool may actually waste more energy than it gains during the day. Even if you only use a pool cover overnight, you could still save over 40% of your annual heating bill.
PV solar panels

PV solar panels

A solar installation in the South West will generate up to 10% more green, low-carbon and renewable electricity than the other parts of the UK, which can be used to power your pool. A solar PV system installed on a south-facing roof in Cornwall, Devon or Dorset will return its initial investment within 8 years, offering financial returns of up to 12%. So not only could you heat and power your pool for free you could also earn an income.
Heating a swimming pool using solar energy has always been an excellent idea. Webster Pools and Spas offers solar heated pools at affordable prices to customers across Penryn, Cornwall. Solar panels are not only affordable but also eco-friendly. In addition to this, we also stock a range of stylish hot tubs for you. For a free estimate on solar heated pool installations, contact our staff today.
If you want to install a solar PV system for your swimming pool, call us on
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