Indoor pools

We have created, designed and built dozens of indoor pools to suit the clients needs from domestic to commercial no job too big or small. We can produce your dream pool in a beautiful and well designed building. If you want to use your pool all year round rain or shine then an indoor pool is for you. 

On site linned

On site linning is a much thicker and stronger material than the standard bag linners and is taylor fitted on site to fit your pool perfectly by our trained experts with 25 years of experience of on site lining. Ideal for commercial pools with a heavier usage or where you have built in steps as you can fit non-slip treads.  

 Bag liners

Ideal for domestic pool with lighter use bag liners are very practicle, economical, maintainable and still beautiful solution to your pool finish. Your pool needs to suit your needs, bag liners will last from 15 to 30 years and when the liner does go it can be easily be replaced giving you a new pool in a couple of days.

Tile pools

Widely thought of as the ultimate pool allows for an elegant and stylish finish in the tiles of your choice in any shape or size. Our tilled pools are the pinicle of exelence built to a standard second to none.

The look of a tilled pool is breath taking especially when the sun shines and every tile lights up like a diamond.