Swimming Pool Construction

Webster Pools make your dreams a reality.

Webster Pools celebrated our 40th anniversary last year so we are a brand you can trust. A swimming pool is major investment, so it makes sense to enjoy all of it's benefits and extend your swimming season as much as possible. This can be achieved through a range of pool heaters such as solar panels, gas heating or electric heating. However the most cost effective method of extending your swimming season is insulating your pool as much as posible to reduce heat loss. Webster Pools uses styrofoam high density insulation for optimum results.



Whatever shape or design you would like your swimming pool, we build swimming pools to your requirements.We have a unique and long developed understanding of swimming pool technology and a wealth of building techniques and experience. Your swimming pool construction can include automatic covers, counter currents, led colour changing lights or built in steps. 

  There are 3 main ways of getting the pool water back to the fillter; standard skimmer, deck level and infinity we can find out which is most suited to your pool and your needs so book a free site visit and let us come and make your dreams a reality!!

  We can also design and landscape your garden around the pool and encorperate any out buildings for changing, plant & equipment. We have our own qualified and experienced staff to look after every aspect of your swimming pools and all other pool equipment from the pool excavation to tiling, from pipe work to pool mantinence. Our aftercare is second to none.




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